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We provide information on Bucheon breaktels.
What is Bucheon Hugetel?
Bucheon Restel is a community site that provides information on all businesses in the Bucheon area. We provide a healing place for our members as a place where they can easily rest and sleep in the Bucheon area. We hope you can relieve your daily fatigue and stress and have a comfortable time at Bucheon Hugetel.

Service type
Bucheon Hugetel operates with a focus on services that provide rest and relaxation. Professional massage therapists will help relieve muscle tension and relax your tired body and mind, so we recommend checking the type and cost of services in advance before visiting.부천휴게텔

- Comfortable seating area
Bucheon Hugetel provides a space where you can relax. You can relax comfortably in the lounge, which is equipped with a sofa, table, and TV.

-Massage service
Bucheon Hugetel massage service is one of the main services of Hugetel. Professional massage therapists provide services to relieve muscle tension and relax your tired body and mind.

- Clean facilities
Bucheon Hugetel attaches importance to maintaining a clean environment. So the lounge, restroom, shower room, etc. are always kept clean.https://www.bucheonwow.com/

​How to here use Bucheon Restel
When you arrive at Bucheon Restel, you can check in first, then receive your reservation details and use the services you want to use once check-in is complete. When using a massage service, please proceed in the direction indicated by the massage therapist. When you are finished using the service, go to the desk to check out. When using the service, you must adhere to the reservation time and be careful not to cause inconvenience to other users.

We provide customized services to Bucheon Restel members.
personalized massage service
Bucheon Hugetel’s massage services can be customized according to customers’ individual needs and preferences. If a client wants a more focused massage on a specific area or prefers a specific massage technique, the massage therapist will provide services accordingly.

comfortable resting area
Bucheon Hugetel provides a space where customers can relax comfortably. If a customer wants to spend some personal time, we provide a quiet resting space. If a customer wants to spend time with friends or colleagues, we provide a suitable resting space.

Customized food and beverage offerings
The food and beverage services provided by Bucheon Hugetel can also be customized according to customers’ tastes and needs. For customers who prefer specific drinks or snacks, we provide menus to suit them.

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